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 Number of articles: 49  
Aster (Callistephus) - Princess Yellow
Aster (Callistephus) - Reine des Halles
Aster (Callistephus) - Single
Aster (Callistephus) - Unicum
Blanket Flower (Gaillardia) - Yellow Red
Canterburry Bells - Double flower
Celosia - Pampas Plume
Chrysantemum - Mixed
Chrysantemum - Yellow Shades
Columbine (Aquilegia) - Mrs Scott Elliot
Cornflower (Centaurea) - Blue Ball
Cornflower (Centaurea) - Mixed
Daisy (Chrysanthemum) - May Queen
Globe Thistle (Echinops) - Globe Thistle
Larkspur (Delphinium) - Imperial
Love Lies Bleeding (Amaranthus) - Red
Lupine (Lupinus) - Russells Hybrids
Mallow (Lavatera) - Mont Blanc
Mallow (Lavatera) - Silver Cup
Malope Trifida - Mixed
Maltese Cross (Lychnis) - Maltese Cross
Marigold (Calendula) - Balls Orange
 Number of articles: 49  
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